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Our beef comes from our Angus and Hereford crossbred herd that grazes 90 square miles of open range.  These cattle are born and raised on the Milky Ranch, and spend the duration of their lives grazing in a stress-free and natural environment.  Our calves begin their lives nourished with their mother’s milk, later weaned and finished on pasture. The majority of their nutrition is provided by native grasses and browse, including blue grama, black grama, sacaton, needle and thread, rice grass, gaeta, chamisa and white sage. Our animal welfare is very important and we strive to maintain healthy animals.  Minimal protein, vitamin and mineral supplements are provided during deficient times of the year in order to maintain proper dietary health. No growth supplements, steroids or hormones are used.  Additionally, all animals are treated with standard vaccinations and minimal parasite control to prevent infectious diseases and maintain physical health. If, on occasion, an animal becomes sick, we do separate from the herd and treat with antibiotics as to prevent death and suffering.  That animal is removed from our grassfed program and not processed for sale.  When ready to be harvested, our animals are locally processed and inspected by the Arizona Department of Agriculture.  All beef is dry-aged for fifteen days, then packaged and hard frozen.  Our packaged beef is free of antibiotics and has no added hormones, raised in the most natural way possible.

Grassfed beef is well known for being lower in total fat, and having higher beta-carotene, vitamin E, thiamin, riboflavin, omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids than animals finished or fattened on grain.  Please visit www.eatwild.com or www.usda.gov for more in-depth nutritional information about grassfed beef.  We believe our beef is more nutritious for our family because it is grown as Mother Nature intended.  

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